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A new text game interpreter with a built in Text To Speech engine has just been released which opens up the ability to play hundreds of classic text adventure games, which can be downloaded from within the Interpreter itself, or from the link below. Download the Win Frotz Text To Speech Interpreter here. 1.4 MB.

Download the Text to Speech games pack here. 21.3 MB.

If the games fail to talk, you've probably not got any Text to Speech voices installed on your PC. If this is the case, you'll have to install the TTS voices from one of the links below. Download the Text to Speech voices here, Win98 ME 2000. 6.9 MB.

Download the Mike and Mary voices, XP only. 3.9 MB.

Play lots of text adventures online.

The following list of TADS text adventure games are available for downloading to your hard disk. Some of them are free, and some are shareware, but please don't send any money to game authors without checking if the address is correct, as many of the games are old and the address may be invalid.

To play these games you will need to download and install the Wintads Interpreter, and once that's done, it is only a matter of selecting a game with Windows Explorer and pressing Enter on it. To make the games more speech friendly, you have to alter your screen reader to the "Speak All" mode.

Please note that some of these games contain bad language.

Wintads Game Interpreter. 146 KB.
You'll need this program to play the games.

Above and Beyond.
Trust you to forget your Identity card when starting a new job.

Alien Abduction.
Oh dear, you've just been abducted by an alien space craft.

After the battle you wake up surrounded by dead soldiers.

All Alone.
There's a maniac killer at large, and you are home alone.

A Simple Theft.
As an apprentice magician, being dumped in a coal cellar isn't fair.

At Wits End.
It's your big day, can you become a Baseball hero.

You awaken in a strange cold place and hear the word Jabberwocky mentioned.

Can you find the stolen vial and escape from the gas filled complex.

The Clock.
Spending a few nights alone in a spooky clock tower could be fun.

Colossal Cave Revisited.
Colossal Cave Revisited, is a remake of the first major adventure game ever written.

Common Ground.
Sometimes life just sucks when you're a teenager.

Can you find your way through this giant rubix cube.

Escape of the Sacrificed.
Unfortunately, the villagers have chosen you to be sacrificed to the demons.

You are the son of a Tsar with a big chip on your shoulder.

Fire Witch.
Can you free the Fire Witch from the evil Wizard.

You got to catch that darned rabbit which lives in your garden.

You go to sleep a 9 year old boy and waken up a dog in a pet shop.

You arrive on the roof of your Uncles mansion to discuss your inheritance.

Insanity Cube.
If you like puzzles, try this Rubics Cube.

Jarod's Journey.
This is a religeous game where you go on a spiritual quest.

Danger lurks after you are promoted due to your superior committing suicide.

Losing Your Grip.
Mud, mud, everywhere, and even a head sticking up through it.

Lost in New York.
Got the whole day free, why not visit the Statue of Liberty.

Oh good, an empty Mansion, lets break in and steal some goodies.

You have to do battle against the Gods to complete this complex adventure.

One Foot Down.
Your band doesn't have a gig on tonight, if only the phone would ring.

Passing through a desert town your removal van gets caught up in a parade.

The Planet of the Infinite Minds.
One minute you are a librarian, the next minute you are told you are an alien.

You're not the greatest pool player you thought you were.

The Horror of Rylvania.
Rylvania is not for the faint-hearted, what you expected would be a fun outing in scenic Rylvania turns into a gruesome nightmare.

It's the last day of your vacation but you don't want to go back to work.

Save Princeton.
This tour of Princeton University is boring, let's sneak off and explore.

After missing your bus, you have to earn $20 to buy another ticket.

Sea Of Night.
As captain of a space cargo ship, all goes well until...

Shadow Lands.
You awaken strapped to an operating table in a strange laboratory.

Small World.
This game is about a Gulliver type character on a small world.

Spyder and Jeb.
One minute you are sightseeing, the next you are in an interrogation chair.

The End Means Escape.
It's simple enough, just leave this room to complete the game.

Till death makes a monk fish out of me.
Being dead isn't a good way to start a text adventure.

If you like the Bugs Bunny cartoon, you'll like this short adventure.

Returning home from the fields you find your wife in bed with the farmhand.

Accepting an invitation to a party on a ship wasn't very clever.

Uncle Zebulon's Will.
Did Uncle Zebulon leave hidden tresures in his house after he died.

You are affected by cosmic radiation when a meteorite lands nearby.

Your quest is over, just head east to finish the game.

Unnkulian Underworld 1, The Unknown Unventure.
In this, the first part of the Unnkulian Underworld adventures, you play the part of Kuulest's slave, and must recover the Orb of Studosity from the evil Unnkulians. Kuulest, the old geezebag, has died and left you with nothing to go on but a cryptic message about saving the planet.

Unnkulian Unventure 2, The Secret of Acme.
your adventure continues as you try to create some good press for yourself. wouldn't want to fade into anonymous obscurity, now would you?

Unnkulian Unventure 3, The Salesman.
Take a brief and light-hearted romp through the valley as a washed-up Acme salesman.

Unnkulian Unventure 4, The Search for Amanda.
Can you, the Valley King's most trusted warrior, rescue his Lady Amanda from the gruesome clutches of the evil Unnkulians?

Unnkulian Unventure 5, The Legend Lives.
The Legend Lives, is a science fiction epic of unprecedented depth that explores what can happen when networks and software become too powerful to control.

To graduate from college, you must find a number of hidden items.

You are a young native boy trying to retrieve your bow and arrow.

After winning the game and all the treasures, Mom says, take them back.

Can you free Amelia from the mad Doctor and his band of Zombies.